Human to human friends,
but also a translator,
tutor, and guide
  • Individual approach to each task
  • High-quality execution of orders
  • Efficiency and punctuality
  • Performing tasks of any complexity
    and on any subject

Human to human friends, but also a translator, tutor, and guide

If you are reading this article, it means that you need a tutor or an interpreter guide right now, or you may need these services soon. We would never have found you on our own. But since you are visiting our website for the first time, allow us to article for your device and help out in difficult conditions applicable with a language barrier.

You only need to call us and know what kind of language problem you face to do this. If you haven’t already, then don’t miss your chance. After all, there are a lot of translation, tutoring, and guide agencies, but real teams that work not just for money but to 100% help everyone who needs to understand a foreign language are scarce. Let it sound self-confident, but our company is a rarity. And the fact that you are reading these lines now indicates that you are on the right way. With us, you will solve any problem related to translation, tutoring, or guide services.

SG Translation welcomes you, and we are glad to meet you, albeit online. In confirmation of our openness, we would like to tell you a little about ourselves, our work, and our team.

How did the history of the company begin?

Yurik DavtyanThe company’s founder is Davtyan Yurik, born in Armenia, studied, and lived in Russia from 2 years old. To overcome the language barrier, he went to Thailand, where he lived for 11 years. During this time, he learned international English and local Thai, after which he was able to communicate confidently in both languages. So Yurik is a unique person – he is an excellent tutor in English Thai, an interpreter in English and Thai, and an experienced guide in Thailand.

But real success comes when you work as a team. Therefore, Yurik created the SG Translation company, which helps people who come to Thailand and have problems with a foreign language. If you are one of those people and need a tutor, you are not on the wrong page. If you need a translator and interpreter in Thailand, you’ve come to the right place. Are you looking for a guide in Thailand? And here we can help you.

What can you expect from us?

Whether a translator, tutor, or guide, each of our employees is a highly qualified specialist who gives his best when performing the task to the maximum.

We promise you:

  • individual approach to each task.
  • High-quality execution of orders.
  • Efficiency and punctuality.
  • Execution of tasks of any subject·

We have specialists who are experts in various topics. Therefore, do not worry that, for example, the text’s translater will perform with errors without taking into account

particular terminology.

If you need a tutor

A tutor around the world is hired to improve the theoretical knowledge of the language. Its task is to teach you to perceive a foreign language by ear, to think in it, and express your thoughts without awkward pauses.

If you are among those who want to improve or gain knowledge of a foreign language from scratch, then you did the right thing by contacting us. Because we will select an individual training program for you and guarantee that you will be satisfied with the result, do not be afraid that classes will be burdensome, dull, or exhausting. Our experienced tutors find an approach to everyone and select a style of teaching that will reveal your potential while not bringing your brain to an explosion or boil.

We adhere to the rules that knowledge is good in moderation. As the concrete to acquire a fortress must harden, the knowledge gained must also be set in your memory. The tutor will make such a schedule that your brain will have time to rest and recover after class. It will not overload you with information, and in your head, there will be not porridge but solid knowledge.

How does a translator work in our company?

Before starting an assignment, the translator must first:

  1. Gets to know the topic of the text, document, or the specifics of the conversation.
  2. Deeply delves into the essence of the task to preserve its specificity in the translated language.
  3.  Reviews terminology on the topic and related topics to be more precise
  4. transmit narrowly focused words, making the translation richer and more transparent.

After completing the translation of the text, the translator can seek advice from the editor and proofreader to make sure that everything is correct.

Rest assured, you will not have to blush for our translators and their work in front of others. So stay pale. 🙂 And you will be able to present the translated text or conversation at the highest level.

Guide to help you

But what if you want to travel in Thailand and need a guide and an interpreter in one person. Remember, we wrote that Yurik Davtyan is both a translator, a guide, and a tutor? And since our company is a single team, we have many such universal specialists.

So we will make sure that you are partnering with a person who will lead an unforgettable tour of futuristic and little-known places. And you will collect impressions not only with your eyes but also with your ears, as the guide will tell you such details that ordinary tourists may never know.

From us – help, from you – a request for help.

We are constantly improving, and soon, the staff with knowledge of different languages (in addition to English, Thai, Italian, Russian, Armenian)

The price of services depends on their complexity and subject matter. Payment makes after completing the client’s tasks to the bank account. The price section indicates detailed costs. You can see our contacts in the contact information section.

We are waiting for your applications for cooperation. We are willing and able to help you with your language problems.