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Thai language – fast, understandable, accessible!

In Thai, can you only say hello or goodbye? Is this where your vocabulary runs out? Don’t despair because most of you won’t even say that, so you’re already in the black. And to be entirely on the winning side and understand Thai, you need a Thai language tutor who will give you the most accurate knowledge about the features of this language. Or if there is no time for training, use the service provided by a Thai language interpreter or a guide in Thailand from our company.

How can a Thai tutor help?

If you want to immerse yourself in Thailand’s local atmosphere and culture fully, then learn the Thai language. The tutor will tell you where to start, develop a training plan, and consider the current level of knowledge’s existing potential.

And now, in a pandemic, a native speaker – a Thai tutor – can conduct classes online. You don’t even have to go anywhere. The teacher will come to you via online communication.

The tutor (Thai) will do everything to communicate as freely as possible with the residents of Thailand. Even if you have an accent, the locals will still understand you and appreciate learning their language.

If you need a Thai tutor, do not hesitate, we will select a teacher with whom you will be able to learn the language not boringly and effectively.

Thai translator – what does it do and how to find him (Thailand)?

Most of our employees are native Thai speakers, so that they will translate texts or negotiations of any complexity and level.

Help online

With the help of communication tools, online translators will help to carry out:

  • international calls;
  • drafting letters (from colloquial to diplomatic);
  • translation of documents texts from English and Thai into Russian (and vice versa). Topics – different (legal, technical, artistic, economic, notarial, audio, video materials, proofreading, correction);
  • issuance of visas and other travel documents;
  • three-way translation online.

Translator for government agencies

But what if you need an interpreter for a hospital, court, police, business meetings, embassies, immigration (Thai, English)? We also provide this service to our clients. We will accompany you to the end and help you overcome the language barrier.

How to find a translation specialist?

Contact us, name the language to be translated and the purpose of the translation. Leave the rest to our staff, who will provide you with high-quality translations and a clear understanding of the interlocutor. Translators can travel anywhere globally, but the client pays all costs.

Guide for travel and excursions

If you have plans to get acquainted with Thailand’s nature and local attractions, but no one would translate for you as part of the tour, contact us for help. We guarantee that the guide, and part-time interpreter in Phuket, interpreter in Bangkok or other tourist cities, will emotionally and reliably translate all the guide’s words.

If you have read this text up to these lines, it means that our company has hooked you. But we want not only to cling but also to help you solve problems with a foreign language. We are not theorists but practitioners who prove their professionalism in practice.

We look forward to your cooperation!

You can find out the cost of a particular service in the price section or by contacting us in a convenient way for you.